4coffins MOD Creepy – 1.16.5

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Do you believe in mysticism in Minecraft? What if I show you a really scary Minecraft mod, in which the paranormal lives?

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A long time ago a website reader sent me an email in which there was a link to a creepy mod and resource pack called 4Coffins for Minecraft 1.16.5.

I decided to give it a try and this is what I found in the 4coffins horror mod for Minecraft 1.16.5.

The 4coffins mod adds three creepy entities, terrifying sounds, chilling screams , stone crosses and underworld animals, which will make your game much scarier.

Creatures that you will find in this mod:

The 4coffins mod for Minecraft adds three new entities to the game, strange animals and a dark atmosphere where you won’t see more than a meter away.

All these creatures are creepy and some of them have no face.

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1- First entity: The first creature is called “1212143234342352352352355“, and it has no face.be careful with this creature, it will not attack if you don’t touch it, however this is very difficult since it uses a clone technique to surround you.

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This creature known as “1212143234234342352352352355” will send you chat messages asking you your name, the reason why you are here and even send strange undecipherable symbols.

If you think this is not enough, you will also find animals that seem to have come out of the underworld itself and left parts of their body in the course.

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2- Second entity: The second entity is called “Lick“, and you will know that he is in your world because a message will be visible “(Lick) joined the game“.

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Lick has a head and a face with a macabre smile and big black eyes that cry blood, this entity is not as peaceful as the first one, besides being very aggressive, it is really very fast and has a sword as a weapon.

3- Third Entity: And then there is the third creature called “Red Steve“. A creature whose face is totally red, it is extremely fast and violent.

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Download 4Coffins Mod – Minecraft 1.16.5

You can download 4Coffins here on the MinecraftMiner website. The goal of this mod is to scare you with its creepy atmosphere and disturbing sounds.

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